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Freightliner Cascadia

This 2008 - 2010 Cascadia truck I finally did a few weeks ago turned out GREAT with a lot of range with me tuning up your CB to the max!   I can tell you HOW TO do it, and charge you $25 for the information, and send you a $40 antenna that is pre-set for your Cascadia. 

I have done MANY of these tractors since I first typed that above, and EVERYONE is happy that they have A LOT more range than the stock system.

So when you want to spend $52 to 95 on the antenna system, and $5-45 for the CB being higher, let me know (a little less cost IF I see you in person).  You WILL then have the MOST CB radio range for the LEAST amount of $$$$ on this tractor!!!!!

Range will be A LOT better in a Cascadia than on a T-2000 or T-700 or a 387, which are the #3 & 4 worst tractors you can have for CB range in BIG trucks.

AND it will be a LOT cheaper than about $100 more, which is what a driver paid to get more range WITHOUT running into me first!   They didn't even set his antenna in right, also!

The 2011 & 2012 models have changed, and Freightliner made it COST the DRIVER MORE $$$$ !  Ain't they smart!  MORE parts needed! (I figured out how to make it cheaper IF I see you).  OR I'll charge you & tell you HOW to do it & send you the parts.  You do NOT need another antenna mount off the low driver side mirror!  It can be done for less !!!!!  IF you already bought that mount or made your own, I have the ONLY antenna that matches in the lowest & works THE BEST on that mount !   $50 & shipping!

There are NOW (2-2-13) 4 versions of the Cascadia antenna system.  2008 to 2010, is the 1st system.  The 2nd system 2011 to 2012 (and some 2013's are the worst).  NOW there is a 3rd system in late '12 or early (2013) which is cheaper!  This NEW system has 2 different color caps on the antennas, one is for AM/FM, and the other is for CB.  THIS system IS the cheapest to make better - - $22 to $40 for the antenna, $15 to set it, & shipping!  It has NO AM/FM on the drivers side!  So you don't need a "stinking perch" for this NEW tractor!!!  You don't need a Perch for any of them, so far!  There is only 1 antenna that works good on this perch!  $50 for it!  It is cheaper to convert them instead!  The other day I saw & checked the antenna on the BRAND NEW 2014 Cascadia--CB antenna built into the roof!  This one did NOT match in good, and I didn't talk to him when he left the truckstop.  Perch for it- $20  THE ONLY antenna that works good - $50.  $12 to 18 for the mount; 15 for the coax; & 25 for shipping and you have a lot MORE range!  This truck has TV, AM/FM, CB antennas built into the roof!  Freightliner got real STUPID again!  They should of left the 2013 system ALONE!  BUT when their antenna engineers are BOZOS, what do you expect? !

OR IF you slip seat and/or have to have a perch, I can send you the entire antenna system mentioned above.  Then you will be as happy as the PA customer that e mailed me and told me of the GREAT RANGE he is getting out of the system I sent him.  He said I was "The MAN!"

So contact me with the details SOON, so you WILL have MORE range soon!

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